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BAUHAUS DESIGN STUDIO is a pioneering company in the field of home décor and architectural design, offering the highest standards in service, detail and quality provided by a carefully selected team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals.  Their fine cabinetry, custom furniture and millwork are complimented with a broad range of accessories made available to each client to personalize each job, making the end result an individual expression of their personality.  The client experiences a complete satisfaction on the craftsmanship resulting from the fusion of their original concept and the passion put into the creation of each piece.

Being a family owned business, BAUHAUS DESIGN STUDIO is committed to always provide personalized service, customizing each job by focusing in the individual needs of all its clients.  You will be able to communicate your ideas to a team professional, becoming the most important key in the creative part of the process of not only unique but also functional designs.  In addition to that, the workshop is equipped with state of the art equipment to manufacture the best quality products built to last and to please your expectations.

The workshop is conveniently located in Miami where you will be invited to review the business portfolio which includes a variety of projects from high end custom homes and commercial buildings  to one of a kind furniture pieces.  The use of fine materials is guaranteed and the products are 100% made in the USA.
At the completion of the project, BAUHAUS DESIGN STUDIO’s eager and dependable service will bring a smile to your face by having helped you create your ideal space.


BAUHAUS DESIGN STUDIO’s owner, Daniel Zamudio acquired the love for fine carpentry  from his grandfather in Colombia whose hobby was the production of beautiful, fine woodwork.  Daniel was exposed to the love and dedication to detail put into the creation of each piece.  At an early age, he was already producing his own personal designs.

He attended Florida International University (FIU) in Miami, where he studied  Architecture   Throughout the years, he mastered the art of carpentry design and millwork, and with 11 years experience in design and production of custom furniture, he founded BAUHAUS DESIGN STUDIO in Miami, Florida, in 2010 where he continues to develop unique residential and commercial projects.

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